About Us

The Cortés Solari family is distinguished for being an agent of change, which understands the generation of value and wealth from a multidimensional and modern perspective, which involves the creation and promotion of social, cultural, scientific and environmental value in our country.

Their vision includes the conservation and appreciation of our tangible and intangible heritage, including Chile’s natural resources, as well as the conservation, appreciation and dissemination of our cultural, material and immaterial heritage. In turn, the Cortés Solari philanthropic project promotes the development of a comprehensive education, which takes charge of the social and cultural diversity and the challenges that new generations face.

This philanthropic project has the following transversal pillars:

  • Promoting education, from a comprehensive perspective, which includes environmental and intercultural education.
  • Encouraging the development of science, whether in environmental or social matters.

Our History

Since its inception, more than fourteen years ago, the Cortés Solari philanthropic project, chaired by its founder Francisca Cortés Solari, has been characterized by its innovative commitment aimed at creating social value, at the service of our country.

This project focused on the development of outdoor educational programs for children and young people in vulnerable situations, which sought to have a positive impact on the quality of education within the classrooms.
This is how the Caserta Foundation was born in 2003.

In the following decade, this foundation grew and increased its experience, which translated into the need to have a space capable of housing the different outdoor educational programs. This is how Parque Educativo Likandes was born, in San José de Maipo, a territory that offers comprehensive learning experiences to educational communities, in accordance with the educational needs of the schools in collaboration with the Caserta Foundation.

Subsequently, in 2014, and continuing with the educational focus as the central engine of the philanthropic project, the MERI Foundation was created, whose purpose is to promote and develop scientific research and the care of the ecosystems of the Melimoyu Nature Reserve, located in the Gulf of Corcovado, and also, to develop environmental education programs both in the Gulf and in Chiloé.

The MERI Foundation understands that it is not enough to promote marine or aquaculture scientific development, but that it is essential to make the community aware of the sustainable management of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems as well as of the natural and cultural legacy of our Patagonia.

Continuing with this same approach, the Tata Mallku Foundation was born, also in 2014, whose mission is to value, promote and disseminate the territorial identity and wisdom of our native peoples of the Atacama ecoregion, from interculturality, as a vector for the construction of social and cultural fabric. As in the Caserta and MERI Foundations, the Tata Mallku Foundation is concerned with both the development of educational programs and the development of science, at the service of the Atacama community. The former led to the need to have a territorial space, in this case, the Parque Cultural Puri Beter, in which programs that promote the conservation of cultural and natural heritage are developed, as well as lines of scientific research.

The Cortés Solari philanthropic project seeks to promote a series of values such as integrity, solidarity, perseverance, respect and love for Chile.

All these values are reflected in the action of the set of foundations and parks, previously mentioned, that seek to rescue, promote and disseminate our cultural heritage, preserve and publicize the ecosystem diversity of our country, while promoting and disseminating a comprehensive education, in line with the future challenges Chile will face. All of the above through two transversal pillars, which are education and scientific development.

New Philanthropic Model

The Cortés Solari family stands out for its philanthropic actions, as well as for generating value and content with environmental, educational, social and cultural impact, through:

  • The generation and dissemination of scientific material, at the service of the country and the ecosystem.
  • The creation of a human development model, which takes charge of the main challenges in the quality and integrality of education.
  • The conservation and promotion of the aboriginal culture and heritage, as support for the construction of the national identity.