25 de abril 2017

MERI Foundation arrives at Puerto de Ideas, Antofagasta

From the rivers and lakes of the south, to the radiant sun of the north.

From the blue and green of Aysen, to the orange, red and brown of Antofagasta.

Bailahuén, the voice of the southern whales again went out to visit Chile to transmit to children, youth, adults and grandparents the urgency and relevance of protecting the largest mammals on planet Earth.

Gustavo Chiang, a director of MERI Foundation, and Omar Saldivia, storyteller and director of La Dominguera, were the ones in charge of taking to the Puerto de Ideas Festival in Antofagasta the oral adaptation of the story written by Marilú Ortiz de Rosas and published by MERI Foundation as a tribute to the sei whales that in the year 2015 beached in the Gulf of Penas, in the country’s southern end.

The words, the gestures, the movement and the music were the elements that charmed the audience at the Antofagasta Station Cultural Center on April 8th and 9th. The free activity was able to have such level of call that available seats run out.

Festival Puerto de Ideas 4

But the visit to the Second Region also included a special stopover at the Escuela España. There, the students from pre-school to seventh grade closely followed the story presented by Omar Saldivia. In addition to marveling at the story, they were part of a sea science conversation with Dr. Gustavo Chiang, turning words into an experience of knowledge that appealed to all the senses.

Along with the narration of the story, amazing images of the sea giants and other inhabitants of the waters of southern Chile were shown. These can be checked in our Instagram @Fundacionmeri.

Festival Puerto de Ideas 3

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