25 de abril 2017

A book on whales edited by MERI Foundation receives an international award

“Bailahuén, the voice of the southern whales” received in the United States the 2016 Theobaldo de Nigris Award in the Children, Youth and Comedy category. The recognition is granted by the Latin American Confederation of Graphic Industry and valuing the content, design, illustrations and printing of this publication. The children’s book was edited by MERI Foundation, written by Marilú Ortiz de Rozas and printed by Ograma.

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Marilú Ortiz de Rozas, Francisca Cortés and Juan Pablo Morgan

MERI Foundation was one of the protagonists in a ceremony where awards were given out to the best of the graphic industry of America. The Golden Graphics Awards of Theobaldo de Nigris Award was presented on Thursday, February 16th and at the prestigious Graphics for the Americas fair.

The book “Bailahuén, the voice of the southern whales” won in the Children, Youth and Comedy category. Francisca Cortés, president of MERI Foundation, Juan Pablo Morgan, general manager of Ograma, and the author of the book, Marilú Ortiz de Rozas, traveled from Chile in order to receive the recognition.

We must remember that the beaching of whales in Chile in 2015 inspired this work and it aims to sensitize children and adults to the destruction of our oceans and their ecosystems. It’s an important mission shared by MERI Foundation, which provided advice on the scientific content of the work.

Francisca Cortés, the president of MERI Foundation, stressed that this book leaves children and all of those who read this story a commitment to care for life.

Meanwhile, the author of the book, Marilú Ortiz referred to the scope of this recognition, highlighting the message that  “Bailahuén, the voice of southern whales” seeks to pass on.

“Bailahuén, the voice of the southern whales” is not only narrated in a poetic, clear and attractive way, but it also has wonderful illustrations made by the painter Lorenzo Moya, who worked with oils on canvas; while the design, also widely celebrated, was in charge of Caterina di Girólamo, who is also an author of children’s books and visual artist. In addition, it had the special “Australis Pro” typography, created by Francisco Gálvez.

It should be noted that in the ceremony an award was also given to Ograma Impresores in other categories, as well as to Roberto Tapia Mac Donald who was recognized as the Graphic Leader of Latin America 2017. He is the president of the Chilean Graphic Industry Trade Union Association and managing director of Salesianos Impresores.